Hotel Reservations

– posted 2/14/18

– Under “Event” -> “Hotel & Travel” you can now find the hotel information for the Purdue MSTEM / evGrand Prix event. Rate is $119 a night at the Hyatt.

Tech Inspection Form Posted

– posted 2/14/18

– A checklist has been posted that every crew chief should go through prior to arriving at the track. It is the form used by officials to pass a kart through tech.

Power and Energy Monitor Installation Guide Posted

– posted 2/13/18

– A spec sheet describing the PEM module has ben posted. It outlines what is necessary on a kart for it to be installed.

– It can be found as Appendix A in the High School Race Rules as well as under “Resources” -> “Technical Docs”

New Race Procedures Posted

– posted 2/12/18

– The Race Procedures document under “Resources” -> “Race Rules” has been updated.

– All teams should review this new document before arriving at the race.

New Purchasing Guide Posted

– posted 1/22/18

– Please review the new Purchasing Guide that can be found on the Resources -> Getting Started tab.

– Guide contains details of various parts that are important to assembling and racing the go-karts.

Kart Order Deadline

– posted 1/22/18

– It is recommended that teams place their orders with Top Kart before February 11, 2018.

– Kart chassis can take up to a month to be delivered.

Chassis Setup Seminar Announced

– posted 1/22/18

– See the Events -> Dates & Times tab to learn about the newly posted event.