2018 evGrand Prix Registration

Registration will be completed through MotorsportReg.com

  • Visit MotorsportReg.com
  • Create a free account and sign in
  • Find evGrand Prix event listed to register

Entry fees this year will be $ 190.00 per kart entered.
Pit Pass’s this year will be $ 15.00 per person.

Anyone who is not a spectator will need a pit pass to have access. The area where all the karts will pit requires a pit pass, the area inside the fenced grid will require a pit pass.  The garage area will require a pit pass.

Teachers and coaches are required to have pit passes in order to be in these areas as well.

Pit Passes will be available for purchase at the event.

Spectators will have bleachers to congregate and watch the race. The grass parking lot next to the track is open for parking and trailers.


The track is located in the infield parking lot 200 yards north of the Pagoda.

Entrance into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway should be done at the South Gate off of 16th Street.

IMS tickets will be needed to enter the infield. These are different from evGrand Prix Pit Passes or team registration. Every student registered on a team will receive an IMS ticket for entrance prior to the event.  Each registered team will be given one IMS parking pass to drive into the infield.

Spectators and other non-participants may need to pay the IMS entrance fee of $15 at the gate to enter the IMS track. Kids 15 and under are free.