Order Your Top Kart Electric Go-Kart Kit Today!

Recommended for High School teams.

Collegiate teams will want to consider various powertrain and battery systems, but are welcome to buy the chassis setup from Top Kart.

Getting Started

These guides will help you in your first steps. Please reach out to us if you need additional assistance.

Quick Start Guide

HIGH SCHOOL ONLY. This is a summary of the official rules. Collegiate rules allow for higher voltages and varying batteries/motors.

Purchasing Guide

HIGH SCHOOL ONLY. This helps teams know what needs to be purchase along with general costs and where to purchase.

Top Kart Order Form

This outlines the pricing on specific components from Top Kart. IMPORTANT: Collegiate teams can purchase chassis & other parts, but should consider various types of motors, controllers, and lithium batteries.

Teacher’s Guide

This explains what should be done for a 1st year school. This is more directed at high schools, but can also be a How To for college teams.