Component Datasheets, Manuals, Downloads, and Suppliers

Below are important links for various components of the kart.

Anderson Connectors

** Be sure to purchase the correct gauge (AWG) lug to fit your cable.

SB175 (red):  Manufacturer Datasheet          Supplier – Powerwerx

SB50 (for charger adapter, gray): Supplier – Powerwerx

Alltrax Motor Controller

Orion BMS

** BMS necessary for collegiate lithium battery packs. Orion is recommended brand

Orion BMS 2          Orion BMS Jr (48v systems)

Interstate Batteries SLA 1155

Schumacher 48v Charger

**Need to make an Anderson SB50 to SB175 adapter. See purchasing guide for instructions

Product Page          Supplier – Amazon

McMaster Carr

Front Motor Sprocket  ** Scroll down to size 35 chain. 7/8″ shaft diameter. 3/16″ keyway


Terminal Lug Insulators (“Boots”) **Important to cover high-current connections to motor controller, contactor, and motor