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Electric Racing for Students at the Racing Capital of the World

evGrand Prix is a competitive electric go-kart race for high school and collegiate teams.

Students from all over the world come to Indianapolis to compete in this prestigious and innovative electric championship. Participants build their own karts, tune the powertrain and chassis dynamics, and then put them to the test in the Racing Capital of the World, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Teams compete in 4 categories to claim the championship trophy. Engineering design challenges teams to go above and beyond with new technologies. Community outreach encourages teams to educate those around them about EV’s.  Powertrain efficiency requires teams to design their kart for maximum distance and energy-usage. And lastly, how you finish in the race demands these karts be fast!

Get ready for evGrand Prix 2019!

May 14: Collegiate & Autonomous
May 15: High School & Autonomous
Indianapolis Motor Speedway


Collegiate evGrand Prix

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

May 2017

Who can get involved?

High School Students

evGrand Prix has a separate race for high school and collegiate teams.  High school students should ask their physics or engineering teacher if they already participate in evGrand Prix electric go-kart racing.  If not, tell them you’re interested in making a team!

College Students

15+ colleges have participated in evGrand Prix since 2010.  See if your school already has a team in which you can join, or simply make your own team to race! Please get in touch through the sign up process and we can offer assistance with getting started. If you’re interested in electric vehicles and want to race, we will help you get there!

For teachers and professors.

High School Teachers

Looking for a great STEM-focused project? evGrand Prix offers plenty of resources for teachers to easily organize and coach student teams.  The MSTEM3 initiative offers curriculums and labs for teachers to seamlessly introduce electric go-karts to their classroom!

College Professors & Staff

Most collegiate clubs and teams require a staff member to help sponsor the organization.  If you know students who would enjoy and benefit from a project like this or have been approached by students who would like to form a team, please reach out to evGrand Prix and consider getting involved.  Building racing go-karts is a fun club to sponsor!

Mark your calendars!

evGrand Prix will be May 14 – 15, 2019

Battery Pack

Motor Controller


How to

Build a Kart

Battery Mgmt System

Collegiate = Lithium ion 48V to 88v

High School = Lead acid 48v

14 kW power limit

2-4kWh per pack

Only for collegiate lithium packs

Monitors & balances individual lithium cells

200 to 300 amp

Autonomous & high school

spec chassis provided by

We have resources to help every

step of the way.



AC Induction

Brushed DC

Detailed Documentation

Resources are provided to all teams in regards to racing rules, kart safety, technical specifications, and recommended component selection.  You may also find quick start guides, wiring diagrams, and design rubrics.

Technical Support

evGrand Prix provides detailed instructional videos on how to assemble and tune karts.  In addition, Purdue University hosts open seminars on different topics ranging from mechanical assembly to powertrain wiring.

Practice Events

The best way to prepare for evGrand Prix is to practice! Purdue hosts practice race events throughout the year which allow teams to put their designs and karts to the test.   Race against other teams to see how you do before the big event in May.

Both evGrand Prix high school and collegiate races

All evGrand Prix events will be

NFPA610 compliant

and adhere to all MSF standards, rules, and regulations.

are sanctioned by the

World Karting Association.

Safety is our Priority

How to get involved

Contact us and we’ll help you through every step of the process.

Purdue University Staff

evGrand Prix is ran by Purdue University staff through their Office of Engagement. Reach out to us and we’ll help you get a motorsports program started at your school!

Top Kart USA

Top Kart partnered with Purdue to provide a simple and affordable go-kart kit for new teams. They also organize and officiate the evGrand Prix races.

Electric Karting Series

Forum ran by Top Kart. Lots of race-specific and event information. Recommended to make an account and receive updates.

Want to learn more about the program?