Kart Assembly Blog

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EJ is a Purdue EE grad from 2015.  He raced in evGrand Prix from 2012-2015 and has assisted running the event ever since.

This is a blog of his first attempt at assembling a Top Kart chassis from scratch.  During the process he was helped by Blake from Top Kart through many FaceTime chats.

*Note: EJ is not a mechanic or even a “car guy”.  His specialty is the wiring, motor, controller, and battery.  So take this chassis assembly tutorial with a grain of salt.  He is confident that he got most of the bolts in the right place :)

General Tips:

  • Don’t fully tighten all the bolts until the very end. It’s likely you’ll be removing a couple at some point.

The Kart Assembly Manual under Resources->Getting Started has additional information for kart setup.


Also useful is this page with all the datasheets and where to buy parts:


And lastly, see the Technical Docs page for wiring diagrams other specs: