High School Curricula

evGrand Prix Curriculum is designed to provide participants with 21st Century Skills. These College and Career Readiness skills come from participating in the activities during competitive race competitions and through taking part in the Academic Challenge competition.

Program Introduction Overview

  • 1.1a – Electric Car Research Lesson Plan
  • 1.1b – Program Parent Permission Form
  • 1.2a – evGrand Prix Go-Kart Lesson Plan

Marketing, Funding, and Sponsorship Overview

  • 2.1a – Funding Your Go-Kart Program Lesson Plan
  • 2.1b – Presenting Fundraising Slideshow
  • 2.1c – Potential Donor Worksheet
  • 2.2a – Marketing Your Go-Kart Program Lesson Plan
  • 2.2b – Business Donor Template
  • 2.2c – Corporate Sponsor Template
  • 2.2d – Individual and Family Donor Template
  • 2.3a – Working With Sponsors Lesson Plan
  • 2.3b – Sample Sponsor Slide Show

Safety Training Overview

  • 3.1a – Shop/Garage Safety Lesson Plan
  • 3.1b – Shop and Garage Safety Slideshow
  • 3.1c – Shop and Garage Safety Contract
  • 3.2a – Safety and First Aid Lesson Plan
  • 3.3a – Track and Event Safety Lesson Plan
  • 3.3b – Track and Event Safety Slideshow
  • 3.3c – evGrand Prix Safety Requirements Worksheet
  • 3.4a – Driver Safety Presentation (Topkart)
  • 3.4b – Request for Variance
  • 3.4c – Seat Position Article
  • 3.4d – Seat Position Worksheet

Project Management and Documentation Overview

  • 4.1a – Project Management and Documentation Lesson Plan
  • 4.1b – Four Components of Project Management
  • 4.1c – Academic Challenge Competition
  • 4.1g – Engineering Design Scoring Rubric
  • 4.1h – Engineering Design Presentation Example
  • 4.1i – Project Management and Marketing Scoring Rubric
  • 4.1j – Project Management and Marketing Presentation Example
  • 4.2a – Racing Team Responsibilities
  • 4.2b – Pre-Tech Inspection Form

There are additional resources in the form of classroom activities available to educators. The following is a list of topics covered by this material. For more information about these resources contact Stuart White at white152@purude.edu

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